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Polar Lineup Of Accessories

Polar's Accessory Line includes Speed and Cadence sensor units, Infra Red Interface kit, fashionable and comfortable high quality Women's Sports Bras (comes in red, white and black and assorted sizes), standard and coded chest transmitters, Bicycle Mounts and an excellent assortment of Books (sports and Polar heart rate monitor oriented).

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POLAR IrDa USB 2.0 Adapter

The Polar IrDa USB 2.0 Adapter enables the two-way IrDA communication with a PC using
the USB port. Enables you to have infra-red capability

Compatible with:
F55F, F55M, AXN500, AXN700, RS400, RS800, S610i, SS625X, 710i, S720i, S725, S725X



POLAR T-31 Coded Chest Transmitter

Designed for Comfort and 100% waterproof for swimming.


POLAR Wearlink W.I.N.D. Coded Chest Transmitter

FOR CS500, CS600 AND RS800 SERIES heart rate monitors. The WearLink+ W.I.N.D. Transmitter Set is a result of that dedication. With a soft textile chest strap it?s the latest generation of Polar?s proprietary heart rate sensing and transmission technology. User-replaceable battery.



POLAR T-31 Chest Transmitter

Designed for comfort; waterproof for swimming; and adjustable band.



Latest & Newest Style For Maximum Support & Comfort. 3 Colors. High level quality.


Polar S3 Stride
Sensor W.I.N.D.

Polar S3 Stride Sensor W.I.N.D. features nano technology for highly consistent and accurate speed and distance measurement. It is water resistant, comes with a user replaceable battery and is compatible with Adidas adiStar Fusion running shoe. Compatible with the RS800 and RS800sd heart rate monitors. The sensor is included with RS800CX sd kit and is available as an option with the RS800, RS800CX, RS800G3, RS800CX Multi, RS800CX Bike, RCX5 Series.



Specifically designed for the New S-Series. S610i, S625x, S720i, S725, and S725X.


POLAR WearLink 31 Coded Chest Transmitter

Soft Fabric Material that molds to each individuals body. Extremely comfortable. Designed to change your own battery within seconds.


Wireless Cadence Sensor

Cadence sensor for CS Series monitors. Compatible with CS100, CS100b, CS200, Cs200cad, CS300 and CS400


Polar S1 Foot Pod

Secures to runners shoelaces, gives speed, distance and pace. S1 Foot pod is included in the following Kits: S625X, RS200sd, RS300X sd, RS400sd, and RS800CX sd. It is available as an optional accessory to the following models: RS200, RS400, RS300X, RS300X G1, RS300X sd, S725X, FT60, and FT80. Lastest technology


POLAR FlowLink
Data Transfer Unit

For FA20, FT40, FT60, FT60G1, FT80, FT80G1, RS300X, RS300X sd, and RS300X G1, FT7. It's easy to transfer data between the training computer and Simply connect it to a PC with its USB connection.


Polar G1 GPS Speed and Distance Sensor


Designed for use with the FT60, FT80, RS200, RS300X, RS300X sd, RS400, and RS400sd (Designed for Polar products operating 5kHz transmission.) A solution to the runner who is looking for an option to the S1 running foot pod. It is retroactively compatible with running and multisport products.

It provides accurate running distance measurement via sensitive SIRF Starill technology. Reliable / survivability / water resistance. Easy to use and simple functionality. Requires satellite visibility to work (outdoor use) GPS signal is RF (radio frequency) uses AA battery.(user changeable) Typical Battery lifetime in warm conditions: 10 hours, extends to up to 15 hours in low-power mode. Weight = 80g / 2.82 oz. GPS - Global positioning System is a system that enables calculation of accurate position anywhere on earth based on special GPS satellite signals. Built and managed by the US Department of Defense. A GPS receiver calculates its position by measuring the distance between itself and three or more GPS satellites.

POLAR WindLink W.I.N.D.
Online Monitoring And Recording

This item is compatible with Polar Wearlink W.I.N.D. Transmitter allowing you transmission distance of 20 meters (approx. 60 ft) with visual contact between Polar WindLink and Transmitter. Using Pro-trainer V software.


Speed Sensor

For Polar S520, S625x, S720i, and S725. Kit includes rubber pads (to protect bike frame), nylon/plastic zip ties, detailed instructions, and magnet for front spokes. Includes handlebar mount.


Polar GPS G3 Sensor W.I.N.D.

Provides speed and distance measurement in all terrestrial sports. The sensitive SIRF III technology provides highly reliable GPS reception even in wooded areas. Sensor is included with RS800CX G3 and RS800CX Multi, and is available as an option for RS800, RS800CX, and RS800CX sd kits.


Ultra-Compact Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Feature Packed with Average Mode for truly consistent readings. Clinically Proven Accuracy. THE VERY LATEST TECHNOLOGY!

Sale Price


POLAR Fanny Pack

Convenient water bottle carrier with 2 zipper compartments for storage.



Tracks performance. Counts steps, distance, calories, clock, stop watch. Walk and Jog (has rhythm pace setter).



For CS500, CS600 and CS600X. Providing cycling power OUTPUT. Cadence of peddling, pedalling rate, left/right balance and pedalling index, and transfers data wirelessly to watch computer receiver.

Improves your cycling economy to help you succeed in those exhausting races


Cadence Sensor

For maximum efficiency for cycling. Slim, Wireless, and compact.


Polar New Style Bike Mount

Polar New Style Handlebar Bike Mount. Keep your heart rate in constant view on your bike or indoor equipment.


POLAR Wireless W.I.N.D.
Speed Sensor

Speed sensor for CS500, CS600, RS800 Series, and RCX5 Series



Specifically designed for the New S-Series. S610, S710, S720, and S810


POLAR CS Speed Sensor W.I.N.D. and Dual Lock Bike Mount Set

CS500 Series. Includes an aerodynamic and light cycling speed sensor for wireless speed and distance measurement and a bike mount.


POLAR Wireless W.I.N.D. Cadence Sensor

Cadence sensor for CS500, CS600X, RS800 Models, and RCX5 Series.


Wireless Speed Sensor

Polar CS Speed Sensor - A wireless sensor measuring the cycling speed , distance and trip time. Compatible with the Polar CS100, CS100 b, CS200, CS200cad and CS300. Kit Includes wireless speed sensor, mounting kit, magnet for spoke and bike mount (bike mount not incld. with CS300).


Polar S150 Rear Wheel Speed Sensor

For indoor cycling. Comes with speed sensor, magnet for rear, 54" cable and handle bicycle mount.



Polar IR Interface is designed for communication with the S-Series. Polar S810i, S810, S720i, S710i, S710, S610i, S610 Heart Rate Monitors and Polar Software products. To use Polar IR Interface for RS port you need Windows 98, Windows 2000, or later operating system in your computer.


for RCX5 Series

The extremely small G5 GPS sensor provides accurate speed and distance measurement for a range of outdoor sports. It is light and easy to wear in the armband pocket.



for CS500, CS500cad, &
RCX5 Series

It's easy to transfer data between the training computer and
Just plug your Datalink into a USB port on your PC or MAC and it detects your training computer in the room.


USB to Serial

Supports RS232 Serial to USB.
Easy installation.
Click for details


POLAR Wearlink Bluetooth

New transmitter designed to be compatible with third-party mobile sports applications through licensing. Great for users of mobile sports applications during sport and fitness activities. User-replaceable battery.




100% cotton quality pre-shrunk tee shirt by Hanes.


Polar Power Watts Output Kit

(click here for details)

Power Kit fits these models: S625x, S710, S710i, S720i, S725 & S725x



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