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Polar AXN Adventure Series Heart Rate Monitors

Adventure series for outdoor enthusiasts

For: Outdoor Sports, Adventure Racing, backpacking, Climbing, Hiking, Kayaking, Mountaineering, Orienteering, Skiing, Snow Shoeing, Trekking.
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Heart Rate with graphical trend Displays your current heart rate and the variations in a graph.
avg. and max heart rate Shows in the action file your average and maximum heart rate during your
outdoor exercise.
OwnCal® with energy expenditure Counts the calories you burn during exercise based on your gender, body weight
& exercise heart rate.
OwnIndex® A fitness test that measures your aerobic/cardiovascular fitness at rest in just five
minutes. The result is an estimation of your maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max ) and shows
you how fit you are.
Polar Heart Rate Rest Test Measures your resting heart rate to determine how well you have adapted to extreme
conditions. This will provide recovery information and how well your body has acclimated
to altitude.
Target zones with visual & audible alarm Allows you to set a target zone with out-of-zone alarms. Alarms will beep when out of zone.
Altitude with graphical trend Shows your current altitude reading with graphical trend curve and your vertical progress.
Vertical speed Shows ascent and descent rate indicating how fast you have gone vertically up or down.
Altitude alarms Informs you when a preset altitude has been reached.
Slope Counter Automatically records the number of slopes you cover. A course of at least 50m /165ft
descended continuously is registered as a slope.
Sea Level Pressure with graphical trend Provides the barometric pressure at your current location reduced to sea level with
graphical trend curve for indicating weather changes.
Absolute Barometric Pressure Provides your current location?s barometric pressure.
Temperature Displays your current temperature. Body temperature can effect the reading, therefore
it is best to take the wrist unit off for about 10 minutes (you can also attach it to
a carabiner).
Barometric Pressure Drop alarm Notifies you of worsening weather conditions. A pressure change over an interval of
2-3 hours is the best indicator for weather prediction.
Bearing in degrees Shows the direction in degrees.
North indicator, cardinal points
& graphical bearing indicator
Shows your direction in relation to due North.
Bearing tracking function Allows you to track a certain bearing, helping you follow the chosen direction in the
terrain, especially when no landmark is visible.
Declination setting Shows the difference in degrees (either east or west) between the magnetic north
& geographical north. A declination indicates that the compass north is to the east
or west of magnetic north.
Time of day Allows you to see the time of day, day of week and date.
Reminders Allows you to set 5 different reminders / alarms to remind you of important dates.
Stopwatch & countdown timer Independent stopwatch counts the time up with split times. Countdown timer counts
a preset time down.
Heart Touch Enables button free operation of certain main functions, e.g. when gloves make
pressing buttons difficult.
Water resistant The Polar AXN Outdoor Computers are water resistant to 100m / 300ft
User replaceable battery The user can change the battery of the wrist unit
Mobile connectivity Polar AXN700 and AXN500 enables you to send your outdoor exercise data to the Nokia
5140 mobile phone. All you need in addition is the Polar MobileLink
Application to your
mobile phone.
Two-way infrared data download / upload Transfers data to and from a PC using infrared communication that allows for two-way
exchange of settings and exercise data with a PC.
Uplink, settings upload from
PC to wrist unit
Edit your wrist unit settings with a computer via audio transmission using loud speakers and a sound card to transfer data. For example exercise sets and monitor icons from your PC to your Polar Outdoor Computer.
Polar Precision Performance Software High performance semi-automatic training diary and analysis software


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