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Polar F-Series Heart Rate Monitors

Elegant, stylish, calorie oriented. Advanced features.
The F- Series is the optimal choice for walking, aerobics, swimming, cyclists (indoors and out) treadmill users, group or individual excercising. Automatically establishes your target heart rate zones for you. Ideal for aerobics. Weight lifting. Excellent excercise motivator. Feedback of calories and % of fat burned. Helps with all of your various excercise programs. A perfect excercise companion and motivator. Asssorted models for everyones needs.

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Fitness Collection 2012
Designs & Colors

(2 year Polar warranty on all models below)

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New Fitness Collection 2009

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Coded chest transmitter (eliminates cross talk). Over-sized display (easy to see and read). ECG Accurate Heart Rate:High and Low target zones with beeper (audible) and Visual (by flashing of H.R.). Average and maximum heart rate of whole excercise. Water resistant - approx 150 feet for swimming. Total excercise time. Excercise date. Wrist watch for time of day, date and weekday indicator with alarm. Backlight and more!


Large digits. Time of day, date, weekday. Backlight. Stopwatch. High and low target zones. For swimming. Elapsed excercise time. Avg and max. heart rate. Choices: Dark Grey. Coded T-31 Transmitter to eliminate cross talk.


POLAR F55 - Bronze Rock

Unisex - Male. Guidance in muscular strength training, cardio training and relaxed related features plus valuable great features.




Unisex/Male. Exercise motivator. Many great features. Classic Gray. Creates a workout program to tell you how much, how hard and how long to exercise. Calories and % of fat calories, target zones, see full detail page for more info.


POLAR F55 - Ice Aluminum

Unisex - Male/Female. Guidance in muscular strength training, cardio training and relaxed related features plus valuable great features. True calories and % of fat calories burned. Wearlink coded, very comfortable Chest transmitter with replaceable battery by yourself. For swimming and much more.



POLAR F55 Female

Red Velvet. Same features as the Bronze Rock F55. Color and size female oriented. Includes new coded soft fabric WearLink Transmitter.



POLAR FA20 - Activity Monitor

24/7 activity measurement: daily active time and feedback. Training mode with distance or calorie burning targets, training information during and after a training session. User-changeable battery. Does not give heartrate. No chest transmitter.



The Polar F-6, F-11 and F-55 models come in assorted color choices for women and men. All are waterproof for swimming. All have coded chest transmitters to eliminate cross-talk between users, especially if you are less than 3.5 feet apart. True calories and % of fat calories burned are recorded by putting your age, height, weight and gender in the watch (this stays in memory).

On all of these Models you will get your average and maximum heart rate for your workout. High and low target zone beepers are built in the watch. You can audibly hear the beeper or visually see the heart rate flashing. You will know you are out of your target zones.

The F-11 and the F-55 will help you create work out programs so that you will know how much and how hard and how long to excercise to reach your goals. The F-55 also helps with your strength training programs. There are many excellent choices. Please go to the full detail page of each model and see all the specific features that each offers.

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2-Year Polar Warranty On the above heart rate monitor kits.

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