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Precision Walking

by Mark Fenton & Dave McGovern
Get the most out of your walks by learning how to walk at the ideal level of effort for your goals. Details how to construct an individualized walking workout and how to walk to meet your goals (whether they be for weight control or aerobic fitness)using your heart rate as a guide.


Precision Running

by Roy Benson MPE
Practical advice for running workouts, from the beginner through advanced levels, as they relate to heart rate monitoring. An essential way to help discover if your workouts are actually helping you to meet your objectives. Details how to understand your individual physical abilities and use them effectively to achieve individual health, fitness or competitive goals. Details how to find maximum heart rate and other useful formulas. Suggests several precise routines and variations based on your individual needs.


Precision Cycling

by Edmond R. Burke
Advice for individualized cycling fitness programs, with target zone training and heart rate monitoring. Includes valuable information on how variable factors such as temperature, wind, humidity, altitude, terrain, and fitness levels can affect the intensity of your effort. Includes formulas for determining your resting and maximum heart rates and a training heart rate calculator. Learn to customize your own cycling workout and get the most out of your efforts.


Precision Moutain Biking

How top mountain bike riders get the power to win with a Polar Heart Rate Monitor. Learn why heart rate monitoring is so important and how to use it in your training. Highlights some important tests and workouts to use to maximize your results as well as tips to incorporate into your training.


Precision Heart Rate Training

by Edmond R. Burke, Ph.D.
New & Extremely Informative!

Top experts provide information on heart rate based exercise incorporating your favorite activities (running, cycling, resistance training and more).
This 220-page paperback is a compendium of the latest knowledge and training technology in human kinetics. Editor Ed Burke, Ph.D. is the professor & director of the Exercise Science program at the University of Colorado. He serves as Coordinator of Sports Science for the U.S. Cycling Team leading up to the Olympics & was a staff member for the Olympic Cycling Team. In this book, Dr. Burke presents the basic concepts of heart rate training, then turns over the text to other experts for chapters which present specific training guidelines suited to each of seven sports and activities: Cycling, Walking, Running, In-line skating, Multisport training, Circuit training, and Group exercise. Each chapter tells how to find the optimal training intensity, how to design an effective training program and how to adjust the intensity of workouts.


Precision Multi-Sport Book

by Dr. Matthew Brick
Heart rate based training techniques for triathletes. A wealth of knowledge that covers a broad range of the essentials of monitoring heart rate for triathletes or anyone who does a combination of activities. Multisport commonly refers to an event comprising any combination of swimming, cycling, running, kayaking, and a multitude of other activities. Learn to calculate your own heart rate numbers (resting and maximum heart rate, as well as heart rate ranges), training intensities, basic principles of training, technique, as well as workouts in all ranges (beginning to multisport interval training). A must have for the triathlete!


Precision Weight Management

by Dr. Katriina Kukkoene-Harjula & Dr. Raija Laukkan.
Get slimmer and lead a more active life. Learn how easy it can be to consume more energy, not food. Learn how to expend your energy through exercise, feel great, lose weight, and tone up your body. Covers such topics as: Obesity and health, a reducing diet, advantages of exercise-based weight loss, the body's energy balance, energy consumption during exercise, heart rate and exercise, and 10 things to remember when losing weight. A valuable tool for those wishing to exercise for weight loss using the Polar Heart Rate Monitor.


Post Cardiac: Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyle

by Barry A. Franklin, Ph.D.
A comprehensive overview detailing the importance of using a heart rate monitor during cardiac rehabilitation. Written for people who have had a heart attack, have undergone bypass surgery or angioplasty, or who have been told by their doctor that they have a heart condition such as angina pectoris. Introduces a multifactorial approach to cardiac rehabilitation, highlights the most important steps to improve your lifestyle, and details the four most important heart rate concepts and how they can be used to take full advantage of the effects of surgery and medication.


Heart Rate Monitor Book

by Sally Edwards
With over a million copies sold, this best-selling book on how to use your heart rate monitor is considered the ?bible" of heart rate monitoring. The first of its kind, it gives you information on applying your heart rate monitor in an easy to read and simple way. An easy read for the individual who wants to get more out of their monitor and understand the five heart zones training system in a simple and quick way. The keys to your heart: Then your max, and resting heart rates. A perfect choice for first-timers as to how to train with a heart rate monitor as well as cardiac rehabilitation, and high performance training and racing.


Polar Fat Free and Fit Forever Book

The real facts about fat, exercise and your health. Lose weight & get fit.

The Polar Fat Free And Fit Forever Book now makes it easy to be fat free and fit for life. Dr. James M. Rippe's program, based on 10 years of scientific research, has proven that anyone can lose fat and stay fit and healthy with the Polar Heart Rate Monitor program in this book.

  • Learn the real facts about fat, exercise and your health.
  • Lose weight with the Polar Fat Free & Fit Forever program.
  • The Polar program tests your individual exercise program.
  • Explains the three-step Polar nutrition program.
  • Tips on staying motivated.
  • Vital statistics chart.
  • The Life Cycle Fit/Fitness test.
  • Includes sample meal plan and a blank food diary.
  • Pocket-sized target heart rate zones and meal plan exchanges.


Precision Football (Soccer)

By: Dr. Paul D. Balsom
The purpose of this booklet is to describe how a major part of the endurance training with football (soccer) players can be performed efficiently with the ball. This is made possible by monitoring and controlling the loading of individual players using Heart Rate Monitors during small-sided games.
Small-sided games make the endurance training sport specific and also improve technical, tactical and even mental skills at the same time. furthermore, by replacing running sessions without the ball with "controlled" small-sided games the lovel of motivation of the players can be greatly improved.

In addition to being essential reading material for team and fitness coaches, players and medical staff at all levels of the game, this booklet can be used as lecture material in fitness training courses for football (soccer).


Precision Outdoor Sports

This new and very informative book will Teach you the benefits of monitoring your Heart Rate.How to enhance your outdoor activities. How to combine several types of activities and live the outdoor style.OUTDOOR SPORTS covered within this book Hiking/walking/trekking. Trail Running. Mountain Biking Adventure Racing Nordic Skiing Snowshoeing Paddle Sports-canoe and kayak You will be informed about the excercise principles for Outdoor Sports and the foundations for your success. There is a mountain, a trail, a river, some snow or a race with your name on it. So have fun and be safe.




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