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Polar M-Series Heart Rate Monitors
Weight conscious, cardio exercisers, spinners, swimmers and aerobics. Great choice. Gives calories burned as well as % of fat calories. Plus other features.

SEE OUR EXCLUSIVE CODED TRANSMITTERS ON SELECT M-SERIES (to eliminate crosstalk between users)

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The Polar M-Series gives the dedicated exerciser everything they need to reach their fitness goals. Adds "life" to any exercise program. Exclusive features like Polar Fitness Test and OwnIndex measure the user's fitness level to continually track progress over time. OwnCal counts calories burned and even keeps a cumulative calorie count. OwnZone automatically determines your target zone. Turn any activity into an effective workout. Ultimate Fitness Tool. Coded Transmitters eliminate cross-talk. M-series recommended for: weight conscious, cardio exercisers, spinners, aerobics and swimmers.

All M-Series Have Polar 2-year Warranty

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General excercisers. Weight loss. Spinning classes. Aerobics. Running. Cycling. Swimming. Walking. Getting fit. Calorie oriented. High and low Target Zones with Audible and Visual out of zone alarms. Time of day and date. New coded soft fabric Coded Wearlink Chest transmitter (eliminates cross-talk between users). Also has user friendly replaceable battery. Click on picture for detail page.


NOTE: To simplify the designation of Coded Models (Coded means you will eliminate cross-talk between users if you are less than 3.5 feet apart), the Model designation has a C directly after the model on this page and the following detail pages.  


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